Enjoy Florence

During our Guided Tour of Florence you will discover the city that existed before the construction of the open-air markets, in Piazza della Repubblica and Strozzi Squares.

The loggia del pesce (fish market) was originally located in the heart of Florence (Piazza della Repubblica). It was the market place of the fish vendors.

During the Florence renewal period (1885-1895) all the buildings that were in Repubblica square were demolished to create a new, elegant and fashionable square and theloggia was disassembled and moved to the current Piazza dei Ciompi.

It is formed by 9 wide arcades and between them, on each side, there are some medallions, representing fishing activities.Unfortunately during the dismantling many decorations were lost and otherswere brought to the Museum of San Marco.

In the Strozzi Square, instead, theeveryday vegetable market was held. As a result, this location was also called theOnions square in the past.To remember this curiosity, on the side of the elegant palace, you can see 2 torchholders, that look like an onion!

During our Guided Food Tour of Florence you will learn this and much more!!!