Wine and Food Tasting | Best Experience in Florence


Our favorite wine steward, Livio, happily sits down with you to savor a glassof red or white wine while describing all the flavors of the wine you will taste.

Livio shop is located right outside the Central Food Market of Florence,in the San Lorenzo area.At the end of the 19th century, this shop was originally a delicatessen, famous also outside of Florence for the cod fishes and the stock fishes that were conserved inthe white marble tanks.

Water came out from the magnificent marble masks and the fishes were kept fresh.The peculiarity of this shop is that you can not  find famous wine brands, but just localproducers, because Livio and his partner Bianca, a Sommelier too, prefer to gopersonally to the vineyards to buy the best ones directly from thefarmsteads.

You will be delighted to match white wine with a slice of Tuscansalami or with the typical Tuscan cheese, Pecorino, made with sheep's milk.

Do you know that here in Tuscany we use to spread jams or fruit jelly on the cheeses? It is so yummy! Have you ever tasted it?

In Livio Wine shop you can find strange jellies, such as red onions jam or yellow peppers.