Taste Traditional Tuscan Dishes at San Lorenzo Market

During our Food Tour you will visit the perfect example of the old-stile Florentine cooking shop.It is located inside the San Lorenzo Market, renowned for Its traditional Florentine dishes, such as tripe, lampredotto, bollito sandwich, ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, beef roll and much more.

Do not go there between 12pm and 2pm, it can be quite packed with the lunch working crowd, so the line can be long, although it moves like clock work!!

They also have some tables and benches in front of the stall, where you can have your sandwich or lunch in peace, so: one must grab some places on the wooden tables andthe other has to queue for the food.

During your stay in Florence, make sure you stop at Nerbone and try some food there,some of the guys speak English , but if your Italian is not as good, just look and pointwhat you would like to have. That's it! Buon appetito!!!