Taste Truffle in Florence | Best Italian Excellence

Have you ever had a truffle sandwich in one of the most fashionable roads of Florence?If not, this could be a good reason to participate our Food Tour!

The shop is located in via dei Tornabuoni, that could be the Fashion street or the 5th Avenueof Florence. Here in the late 19th century this particular truffle shop was opened and became asort of institution, that is still very alive today.

In this shop you will taste the famous trufflesandwich, filled with a sauce made with white truffle, salt, pepper, garlic... well, their recipe is secret, so we can not know what is exactly inside there!

The truffle is not a mushroom, as many people wrongly think, but it is a TUBER that grows underground in the proximity of some specific trees. There are a lot of different types of truffle,but the 2 most famous ones are the black and the white truffle.

Why the truffle is so expensive? First because it is impossible to cultivate them, so they are not so easy to find, but also becauseits taste is so characteristic, unique that you could not compare it to anything else!