Local Shops and Friends


Local Shops and Friends 

 NERBONE has been stuffing stall owners and market patrons with Traditional Florentine dishes since the Central Market opened in 1874. At Nerbone you can taste the tripe, lampredotto, bollito sandwich, pappa al pomodoro, ribollita, beef roll and much more. Eat standingwith the crowd of old men at the side counter, sipping glasses of wine! Our recommendation is: do not go there between 12pm and 2pm :-( it can be quite packed with the lunch working crowd, so the line canbe long, although it moves like clockwork!!

 MARCONCINI Since 1957 the Marconcini Company has been present in the San Lorenzo central market, a historical location in the heartof Florence. Initially the father Alessandro opened it as a traditional food store which, in time, became a bottle store., in 2009, it transformed into a WINE SHOP. The Marconcini Family originally comes from Montespertoli (Chianti area) where they still resides. Thanks to their link with this magnificent countryside, you can finda series of products originating from this territory such as Chianti Montespertoli and extra-virgin olive oil.

Discover the secret culinary corners deep in the heart of Florence

Local Shops and Friends

 CHIAROSCURO At Chiaroscuro coffee is culture. For Chiaroscuro no coffee is justonly a coffee! Behind each espresso there is a world of details and particularity which crosses continents and cultures, and goes from plant to coffee-cup. Chiaroscuro organizes courses in the heart of medieval Florence which teach the world of Italian coffee.

 DIVINA ENOTECA Until the end of the 19th century, Florentine people used to frequentthe Salumeria Ciatti under the ancient loggia of the San Lorenzo district in Florence. This peculiar wine and food shop opened in 1895 and they werefamous, also outside of Italy. Today Francesco s daughter, Bianca and her partner Livio, decide to reopen, after some restoration tokeep the family tradition alive and to restore the shop to its former beauty.

 PROCACCI The Procacci Company was born in the heart of Florence, on Via de Tornabuoni. Founded in 1885 by Leopoldo Procacci,with its historic legacy in artistry and handcraftsmanship,Procacci soon won vast recognition amongst the citizens,especially for its gastronomic specialties made with truffles,such as its famous sandwiches. In 1925 it was given the royalcoat of arms by King Victor Emanuel III, with the certificate ofthe Royal House. Considered one of the most historic delicatessens in the city, even today Procacci still represents a classic meetingplace for Florentines as well as the preferred destination for lovers of specialties made with truffles.

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